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Fit3D Body Scan

June 23rd, 2015

Last week, we were fortunate enough to have Liz Thompson from Fit3D come in to perform follow up body scans on phase 3 athletes and conduct initial assessments on athletes who missed the initial screenings at April fitness testing. We had the chance to sit down with Liz to find out more about the technology and what exactly it measures.

What is it?

The Fit 3D Pro Scanner is a test that lasts less than one minute, and takes body measurements through photo imaging technology. The client stands on a moving platform that rotates 360 degrees while scanning your exact measurements. The end result is a computerized 3D avatar that holds multiple benefits.

What it’s measuring?

Using 500 data points, the Fit 3D Pro Scanner measures and displays the measurements of various points of the body.

Who should do this?

This is a great tool that can be utilized by anyone tracking his or her weight and muscle growth. While there are numerous benefits in tracking weight in the average population, athletes can benefit from tracking changes in their muscle development over a training period.


There are numerous benefits to using the Fit 3D Pro Scanner, starting with preventing variation due to human error in taking measurements with a measuring tape. It is also a simple method that allows a client to compare their exact body avatars from scan to scan. Not only can a client see the numbers of their measurements, but also can visibly see the definition of their own body, and how that definition has changed.

Athletes can maintain strength and conditioning throughout the season. Many hockey players tend to lose the progress they’ve gained as the season starts, but by being aware of their test scores, and knowing what training their body needs to maintain, these players can become stronger athletes by maintaining their strength and conditioning all season long.

What can it tell us?

The Fit 3D Pro Scanner can tell us many things, including a postural analysis, training and conditioning growth, and bilateral imbalance which can be used in injury prevention by addressing imbalances in the body.

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