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MusclePrime: Priming your Workouts!

August 6th, 2015

MusclePrime is a pre-workout supplement taken to enhance your training session by increasing neural drive, energy, focus, and stamina. MusclePrime is composed of a specially formulated ratio of BCAAs to increase muscle synthesis and decrease muscle breakdown, also known as catabolism, during and after your workouts. The inclusion of a growth hormone factor in MusclePrime has been proven to show increases in your body’s natural growth hormone by 701% post exercise, which has been scientifically linked to increased  muscle growth and  decreased body fat. Taking MusclePrime has also been shown to improve focus and power during workouts without overworking your body’s filtration system.  Using Allmax’s exclusive blend of caffeine, synephrine, and octopamine, MusclePrime is able to ignite the nervous system without forcing your filtrating kidneys into overdrive.

MusclePrime also contains 600 mg of CarnoSyn Beta- Alanine. CaroSyn is a key factor in promoting increased power, strength and muscle mass, which help to delay fatigue. This in turn helps in maintaining your anaerobic and aerobic capacity resulting in longer a training duration and a great capacity for exercise induced stress.

Optimal dosage is mixing 1 scoop of MusclePrime with 4-6oz of water and drink before your workouts.

Talk to Barry to see if MusclePrime should be added to your pre-workout regime!

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