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Optimize Your Workouts with Neur-ON!

June 25th, 2015

Neur-ON by Optimum EFX is a balanced neural drive product used to maximize motor unit recruitment and enhance focus under conditions of fatigue. Neur-ON enhances neural drive, increases endurance, heightens focus and concentration all while diminishing the perception of fatigue. The balanced combination of ingredients helps to optimize your power output, and delay nervous system fatigue.

Through training experimentation, supplement creator Ian Danney has documented increases as much as 12% in weight load during training, up to 22cm increases in standing long jump scores and a 20% reduction in rest time that allows for athletes to maintain the same load in training for more sets. A major difference between Neur-ON v1.2 and common pre workout supplements is the lack of caffeine. Caffeine can stimulate the CNS directly, leading to increased neural drive. However, it can affect all athletes differently. Some athletes using caffiene may have the tendency to become scattered and over-stimulated. This is where Neur-ON differs. Using a combination of nutrients and co-factors, Neur-ON is able to maximize motor unit recruitment all without jitters or a caffeine crash. A unique quality of Neur-ON’s formula is the ability to mobilize stored fat as an energy source. For athletes looking for the nervous system edge to sprint faster and maximize explosive force, focus and concentration, talk to Barry about adding Neur-ON into your supplementation program.

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