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Premier Strength Athlete in The Hockey News

October 15th, 2010

Premier Strength athlete Mark McNeill is off to a great start in his NHL draft year.  Good enough to make The Hockey News Hot List. This year was Marks first at Premier Strength and we are proud to have such a hard working athlete join our team.  Some of Marks results from this summer include:

% Body fat – Down from 12.1% to 9.9%

Weight – Increase from 206 lb to 215lb

Lean Muscle Mass – Increased from 181 lbs to 193.7 lbs (14.7 lbs of lean muscle gained) in less then 16 weeks.

If you think the aesthetic gains are good, Marks performance gains were even better:

20 m Sprint – Dropped from 3.04 sec to 2.90 sec

Pro-Agility – Dropped from 4.60 sec to 4.18 sec

Squat Max – Increased from 315 lbs to 410 lbs

Bench Press Max – Increased from 225 lbs to 305 lbs

Our goal at Premier Strength is to turn every Hockey Player who chooses to train with us into a better athlete.  We believe that if we can accomplish this goal greater performance will be realized on the ice.  Mark definitely accomplished this goal and is now reaping the rewards in his performance.

As always we would like to thank Mark and all of our athletes for choosing to work with us and for your dedication to the program.


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