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Player Agent Packages

We believe that creating strong relationships with player agents will enhance the athlete’s ability to reach their goals and make that step to the next level.

We will provide player agents with a package that will outline your player’s fitness testing results, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. Agents will also be involved in the goal setting process. Once goals have been decided upon, agents will receive a written outline of the training plan and objectives for the summer. Throughout the summer updates will be given on the player’s progress as we move through each phase of training.

If the player is recovering from injury, we have the knowledge to work directly with their therapist to aid in their recovery or, we have physical and athletic therapists that we can refer the player to if needed. We are also associated with registered massage therapists to aid in the recovery process.

Program Costs:

Choose the program that you feel best suits the player

* 10% discount for 3 or more players
Discount not available on custom programs