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Skating Mechanics Analysis

July 13th, 2011

The  sporting  industry  has  recently  become  far  more  competitive  than  it  ever  has  been  in  the  past.    Making  Stridz   Athlete  Development is  a biomechanics  consulting  company  with  expertise  in  the  areas  of  skill  analysis  and  technique   modification.    Through  the  use  of  video  feedback  we strive  to  help  correct  movement  impairments  by  providing athletes with the opportunity to “see, feel, & understand” what aspects of their movement  they need  to  focus  on  in   order  to  improve  their  athletic  performance.

Making  Stridz  Athlete  Development is  pleased  to  provide  all  athletes  training  with  Premier  Strength  the  opportunity  to   have  a  Skating  Mechanics Assessment.    The  assessment  will  provide  an  athlete  with  a  greater  understanding  of  what   areas  of  their  skating  stride  they  need  to  be  focusing on  during  the  off  season  and  leading  into  the  start  of  camp.    The   assessment  will  consist  of  the  following  skills  which  will  be  filmed  for  further analysis:

Forwards  Skating  Assessment:

Forwards  Skating  Stride

90  Degree  Direction

Tight  Turns

Pro  Agility  Test

Defenseman  Skating  Assessment:

Backwards  Skating  Stride

90  Degree  Direction  Change

Backwards  to  Forwards  Transition

Pro  Agility  Test

The  pro  agility  assessment  is  the  same  assessment  used  by  Hockey  Canada,  where  an  athlete  is  required  to  do   multiple  forwards  to  backwards (and  backwards  to  forwards)  transitions  while  maintaining  puck  control  during  a  timed   event.

The  athlete  will  be  provided  a  CD  with  the  full  skating  mechanics  assessment  including  body  positions,  joint  angles,   and  time  to  complete  the skills.    The  assessment  will  highlight  strengths  and  weaknesses  in  the  athletes  skating  stride   as  well  as  help  to  provide  cues  for  technique correction.    The  athlete  will  also  be  scheduled  to  come  in  for  a  one  on   one  meeting  to  go  through  the  assessment  with  our  skating  mechanics expert.


Improved  skating  mechanics  and  efficiency

Improved  body  awareness

Improved  method  of  measuring  and  tracking  progress

Improved  method  for  athlete  comparison  (to  other  athletes  or  themselves  at  a  later  date)

The  full  assessment  cost  is  $175.00  plus  tax  which  includes  the  on  ice  filming  session,  CD,  and  player  meeting.    The   session  has  been  scheduled  for Saturday  August  6th at  10:00  AM at  the  Argyll  Arena  and  will  be  limited  to  8   athletes.    The deadline  to  register for  the  skating  mechanics  assessment is Saturday  July  30th.    For  more   information,  please  visit  my  website  at and  click  on  the  sample  project  located  on  the   homepage.  If  you  have  any  questions  or  are  interested  in  signing  up  for  the  Skating  Mechanics  Assessment,  please   contact  as  at  780-­932-­2903  or


Brian  Shackel,  MSc,  BSc,  FMS,  MES
Founder  Making  Stridz  Athlete  Development

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