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Spotlight Athletes of the Week: Meet Scott Allen, Brett Cameron and Connor Hardowa

August 28th, 2015

Every year on the record board, there are three consistent names; Scott Allen, Brett Cameron and Connor Hardowa. All three pro players went the college route, playing in junior in the AJHL all for the Spruce Grove Saints. Scott and Brett played together at the University of Alaska—Anchorage for the past 5 years while Connor attended the University of New Hampshire, serving as Captain in his final year. Scals, Camz and Hardy are also some of the bigger athletes in the gym, all towering over 6’2 and weighing upwards of 210lb. Due to their training, these three have been able to become big and powerful, making them some of the most explosive and fastest athletes at Premier Strength. The three most athletic players at Premier Strength are this week’s spotlight athletes.

10th year Premier Strength athlete Scott Allen currently holds the 30m sprint record with a blistering 3.83 secs and recently overtook the zig zag drill record with an unreal 5.90s score. Scott’s easily the fastest athlete at Premier Strength, running a 2.66 20m sprint (one hundredth off of NHLer Jason Chimera’s all time record of 2.65s) consistently, rarely running slower than a 2.70. Following his season at UAA this year, Scott spent time with the Colorado Eagles of the ECHL. Last year, Scott was invited to the Calgary Flames development Camp.

5th year Premier Strength athlete Brett Cameron’s name currently appears the most of any athlete on the record board. He holds the all time record for the shuttle cross and L-drill agility drills with an unreal 10.19s and 6.85 respectively. This year, Brett holds the 2015 records for pro agility, T-drill, L-drill, and the box drill. After finishing his fifth season at UAA, Brett played games for the South Carolina Stingrays of the ECHL and the Adirondack Flames of the American Hockey League.

10th year Premier Strength athlete Connor Hardowa holds the all time gym record for power cleans with a wicked 285 max clean. This summer, Connor currently holds the record for fastest defensemen zig zag drill and was nipping at Cameron’s heels this week in the 20m sprint, where he sprinted his personal best of 2.74.  Hardy is also one of two athletes to ever jump over 3 meters in the standing long jump, holding the record for several years until it was finally overtaken by 1 cm. After finishing his final year in the NCAA with the University of New Hampshire in 2013, Connor spent a season playing in the Finnish elite league before coming back to North America last season where he spent time with the Utah Grizzlies of the ECHL and the Texas Stars in the American Hockey League.

All three of these record breaking athletes have been constant fixtures at Premier Strength over the summers of training, bringing energy and competitiveness that pushes the other pros. These three players demonstrate on a daily basis the hard work and dedication that it takes to become an elite athlete.  Every athlete that walks through our doors should strive to carry themselves like Hardy, Scals, and Camz. Premier Strength is proud of the success that these three have had to date in their hockey careers and looks forward to continuing to be apart of their careers for many years to come!


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