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The Omegawave Athlete Monitoring System

July 28th, 2015

Are you optimizing your workouts? The level and amount of training elite athletes put their bodies through can often lead to athletic burnout, referred to as overreaching or overtraining. Athletic overreaching refers to a temporary performance detriment caused by physiological and psychological stressors. These stressors can be in the form of training stimuli, or from non-athletic stress from everyday life. A combination of the two is the most common culprit of both overreaching and overtraining. Generally overreaching can be relieved in a matter of days or potentially several weeks. Overtraining refers to a more long term detriment to performance caused by physiological and psychological stressors that often require weeks to months of rest to restore performance.

A lot of factors go into ensuring the body is ready for different aspects of training. An athlete’s readiness describes the current functional state of the athlete. The current functional state that an athlete is in determines their ability to reach their full performance potential. The type of training that we do at Premier Strength elicits many different facets of performance such as: speed, strength, agility, coordination and cardiovascular endurance, all of which put a different form of stress on the body. Every athlete can react differently to specific training stimuli and each individual recovers at different rates. The Omegawave monitoring system works to individualize each day’s training program based on the preparedness level of an athlete’s body for each individual facet of training. By measuring specific physiological markers, the Omegawave system can rate your body’s state of readiness for specific training stimuli. The Omegawave measures the readiness of 5 specific physiological systems as well as the overall readiness level of your entire body as a whole including:

-readiness of the Central Nervous System

-readiness of the cardiac and autonomic nervous systems

-readiness of energy supply systems

-readiness of the neuromuscular system

-readiness of the sensorimotor system

The Omegawave is able to measure your body’s overall readiness through seven scientific methods to perform a functional assessment of your overall capacity to meet the demands of specific forms of training. So how does this technology work? The athlete attaches a monitor to their chest, which measures the readiness of the metabolic and cardiac systems, along with an electrode attached to their forehead and palm, which measures the state of the central nervous system. Resting quietly, the electrodes measure the body’s readiness in only 5 minutes. From there, the data collected is immediately analyzed resulting in values stating your body’s readiness for endurance, speed and power, coordination and skill, and strength training. The data also provides you with functional state levels for your Central Nervous System, Cardiac and Metabolic systems.

So what does all this information tell us? Based on your results from a five minute Omegawave scan, Barry can determine what type of training your body is recovered enough to handle. By having a better idea of how each system in your body is reacting to particular training stimuli, he can monitor and tailor your training to help you perform at your athletic best. Talk to Barry today about Omegawave to see how else you can be optimizing your training.

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