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CarbION: Your carb recovery kick starter!

Offseason training is a grind that diminishes your body of important macronutrients, especially carbs. Carbohydrates are an essential macronutrient that provide the body with glucose. Glucose is then converted into glycogen, which is the energy source the body utilizes to fuel basic bodily functions and physical activity. Carbohydrates are the most effective and readily available fuel that your body can use during prolonged bouts of physical activity, so it is of paramount importance to replenish your glycogen stores following exercise induced depletion.

So, how should we replenish these much needed nutrients?

CarbION is a recovery enhancing supplement made up of a six-carb source complex which range from extremely complex to simple carbohydrates, used to help replenish nutrients lost through training. The problem with simple carbs is that they breakdown quickly, causing your blood sugar levels to spike and then drastically drop. CarbION is specially formulated, using six different complex carbohydrates that have a variety of absorption rates to aid in reducing insulin spikes ultimately resulting in a sustainable and reliable energy source. CarbION contains a mix of complex and simple carbs that breakdown at different rates to keep you fuelled. This sustainable energy source will provide a steady carb supply to working muscles, help reduce muscle glycogen depletion, and fuel recovery from tough workouts.

Beneficial dosages of CarbION come from supplementation before and during training. Mix 2 scoops of CarbION with 1 scoop of BCAAs 30mins prior to training and continue drinking 1-2 scoops worth of CarbION during your workout.

CarbION isn’t for every athlete so, talk to Barry to find out if CarbION should be in your routine!

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