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Fuel Up!

Preparation for tomorrow’s workout starts at the end of today’s. How you fuelled your body after your last workout, sets you up for how you are going to feel the following morning. Generally post workout nutrition has 3 specific purposes:

  • To replenish Glyogen (the stored glucose your muscles used as energy to fuel your lift)

  • Decrease protein breakdown (muscle fibers are damaged during training)

  • Increase protein synthesis (to build new muscle)

Benefits of a solid post workout nutrition plan include:

  • improved recovery

  • less muscle soreness

  • increased ability to build muscle

  • improved immune function

  • improved bone mass

  • improved ability to utilize stored body fat

Why is post workout nutrition so important?

When we train, we tear muscle fibers and drain our body of nutrients and fuel. This damage to muscle tissue is ultimately what helps us build stronger, leaner muscle. Muscle repair only occurs through the breakdown of old, damaged proteins and the creation of new protein. For this protein synthesis to occur, the body relies on fuel that we supply our body through nutrition. However, a “window of opportunity” exists in which it is essential that athletes stock up on essential nutrients. This window opens immediately following training and only lasts to a max 2 hours post workout. Studies have developed a consensus that 30 mins post workout appears to be when your muscles are the most primed to accept the nutrients required to stimulate muscle growth, repair and strength.

So what you are probably wondering is “What should I eat?” The best post workout shake should contain a ratio of 2:1 carbohydrates to protein. Recommended products would be two scoops of Carbion, mixed with one scoop of All Whey or Isoflex protein powder. Additional add ins include one teaspoon of glutamine and creatine, both which help with the recovery process.

The first step of tomorrow’s workout begins with the last step of today’s. Fuel up!

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