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The Benefits of Drinking Green

CytoGreens for Athletes

Its no secret that vegetables are good for you. But in our busy lives, it is often hard for us to get the recommended number of servings to reap the benefits that leafy greens can bring. Well now there is a supplement that can help ensure you are getting the nutrients you need on those hectic days when a salad isn’t an option. Cytogreens is a “premium green superfood” that blends well in shakes and comes in a delicious “acai green tea flavour.” Cytogreens has been found to increase “muscle perfusion and micro-capilarization.” In other words, it helps the body remove lactic acid, a byproduct of strenuous exercise (aka Tuesday’s Lactate rides!) This removal helps to subside soreness, and improve endurance as well as recovery. Cytogreens also provide immune support that can help in muscle repair, recovery and regeneration.

No longer do you have to cringe at the thought of morning veggie greens shots. The new and improved flavour mixes great with Vanilla All Whey (a shake favourite of Barry)

Are you getting the green potential? Talk to Barry about adding Cytogreens into your shaker bottle.

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