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The Creatine Advantage

Creatine is synthesized in the body and utilized by muscle for short bursts of high intensity exercise. The muscle generates energy through a number of chemical reactions with ATP, the major energy source for all bodily functions. The body can only store enough creatine for about 4-5 seconds of work, that is why creatine supplementation is suggested, with the goal of increasing muscle phosphocreatine, making more ATP available to fuel the working muscles in short burst, high intensity exercise. This allows the athlete to perform more repeated high intensity bouts before becoming fatigued. For hockey players, creatine supplementation can help with being more explosive on short shifts and being able to recover quicker between each shift. Creatine supplementation can increase free muscle creatine which helps to replenish the ATP that your body uses to perform explosive bursts of high energy exercise.

Research has also found that creatine supplementation has a positive correlation on working memory and intelligence tasks that require fast cognitive processing. Long term creatine use has been found to increase protein synthesis and has shown to increase maximal strength and endurance as much as 15%. Power output in short burst/ interval activities has also shown as much as a 30% increase. For supplementation, we suggest adding 5g of Allmax Creatine into your post workout shake. Are you getting the creatine advantage?

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